A Home For Everyone

Let us get you home -There's No Place Like it

A Home For Everyone is now closed- Thank you

 On August 30, 2019 the founder of A Home For Everyone  closed the organization due to continued interference with his teaching contract with Dayton Public Schools as a result of sex discrimination, fraud, wage theft, and the violation of his First Amendment Rights of Free Speech. With his only income being unemployment, neither banks or mortgage companies would loan funds to the founder. Several vacant homes have been offered to our organization in the past month, but without funding, we could not purchase them.


It is a sad day when a school district preaches diversity, but those doing the hiring hire 90% + female teachers. This is a reflection of the sad immoral state that our country is in.


In addition, none of the organizations who would have benefited from our building homes for their clients: St. Vincent DePaul of Dayton, Ohio, The Salvation Army Dayton, Ohio Chapter, the American Red Cross Dayton, Ohio Chapter, Homefull, or other politicians such as Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, bothered to respond to our invitation to our public meetings or to even respond to our emails.

Our meetings were scheduled at 8 pm on Monday evenings.

We will continue to seek funding, but it is my firm belief that God Forgot About Me and A Home For Everyone.

Thanks for reading.  We wish you had showed up at a meeting instead.

We wanted to buy vacant homes, repair them, and place people in them that need a home, but nobody cared enough to help or show up.

Goodbye Dayton, Ohio- God has forgot about you too.