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A Home For Everyone - Our 2020 Project House!

                        Our organization's first project house at 816 Dennison Avenue has been purchased.

  • Bids have been received from two electricians to upgrade the electric, install a new electric panel and mast wiring. Starts the week of April 9th. 
  • Bids have been received for the removal of old drywall and the installation of new drywall in three rooms of the house and repairs to the ceiling of a fourth ceiling. Done!
  • Clean out of the house continues as weather permits.  Done!
  • Bids have been received for the repairs on the roof and soffit of the upper roof of the house.  Done! 
  • Bids are being sought for installation of a new or used furnace and electric hot water heater. 
  • Once the weather dries out a bit, a concrete pad will be poured in the basement for the furnace and hot water heater. 
  • Removal of damaged wood in the porch ceiling has been completed. Once the weather dries out, a new porch roof will be installed. Done!
  • Materials have been purchased (OSB board, roofing nails, roofing shingles, plywood, roofing felt, etc. Done!
  • One load of debris has been removed from the house already with a second load being removed this week and a third next week to get the house ready for our contractors. Done!
  • Other non-profit organizations are in the beginning stages of finding a family to purchase the house with OHFA funding or bank financing, on our behalf. 
  • Once the weather dries out, the roof and soffit will be repaired.  Done!  Roof Repairs Completed April 2, 2020. 
  • Then electric service will be installed and the electric service turned on. 
  • Then the drywall contractor will install three drywall ceilings and repair one ceiling panel.   Installation started April 2, 2020
  • If the carpets cannot be cleaned, they will be replaced with new carpets. 
  • Requests have been made to MVTC for student  volunteers who need Community Service hours to assist with the scraping and painting of the front porch and the interior of the house. 
  • Assistance has been received from two neighbors already who are excited to see this grand 1928 house restored to its former beauty.  Thank you neighbors! 
  • Siding repairs will begin once dry weather sets in. 
  • Trees, brush, and debris are in the process of being removed as weather permits. 
  • Estimates have been received for window repairs/replacement. 
  • Kitchen cabinets have been purchased. 
  • A kitchen counter/sink are needed to complete the kitchen renovation. 
  • Bids have been requested for the installation of plumbing from the basement to the kitchen and bathroom.  Installation starts April 2, 2020.
  • Requests for donations of materials and services have been sought at every opportunity from plumbers, electricians, contractors, and the Dayton Home Builders Association to no avail despite our non-profit status.   No Response from these folks :(
  • Press releases have been sent to every news outlet in the Dayton Metropolitan area requesting volunteers and donations.  Done!


Project Manager: Mark Winkle




Our Current funding: 


$5,000 loan from our founder Mark Winkle @ 0% interest for 1 year out of his State Teacher's Retirement account. 

Purchase price: $1,500 plus acceptance of $23,500 plus in back taxes. 

Equity in building once restored:  $60,000 value minus ($23,500 + $5,000)=  $31,500

Management of the project is being conducted by Mark Winkle, Founder of Please Help Me Now the parent non-profit of A Home For Everyone. 


Additional funding needed to complete this project: 

Furnace:  $8,400 estimated if new including installation

Hot Water Heater and installation: $500.00

Insurance: $ 2,500 annually.

Exterior painting: $100.00


If you can meet any of these needs, contact  . For donations: through Google Wallet. Thanks. 

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