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A Home For Everyone Our First 2020 Project House!

                    The Rehab of 816 Dennison Avenue  is completed. The house was SOLD on a 5 year Land Contract for $46,000 at 8% 

  • Clean out of the house continues as weather permits.  Done
  • Bids have been received for the repairs on the roof and soffit of the upper roof of the house.  Done
  • Removal of damaged wood in the porch ceiling has been completed. Once the weather dries out, a new porch roof will be installed. Done
  • Materials have been purchased (roofing nails, roofing shingles, plywood, roofing felt, etc. 
  • Garage has been given a new roof.   Done
  • New 220V 100 amp service installed and the electric turned on.  Done
  • Electric permit issued.   Done
  • Electric inspection passed. Done 
  • New drywall installed in kitchen, living room, dining room, upstairs hallway, stairway, basement stairway, and both bedrooms..    Done
  • Carpets removed.   Done
  • Siding repairs.  Done
  • Trees and brush removed.. Done
  • Estimates have been received for window repairs/replacement.  Done
  • Kitchen cabinets have been purchased and installed. Done
  • A kitchen counter/sink are needed to complete the kitchen renovation.  Done
  • Plumbing upgraded..  Done
  • New Whole House Electric hot water heater purchased and installed. Done
  • Roof repairs completed. Done
  • New garage roof completed Done
  • porch painted and left side boards repaired  Done
  • porch ceiling painted and trim installed Done.
  • Basement cleaned of miscellaneous materials  Done
  • All ceilings painted Done
  • All walls painted  Done
  • All construction debris removed. Done
  • New kitchen floor and back splash installed. Done
  • Side Garage door replaced Done
  • Doors repaired/replaced. Done
  • Soffits and windows painted  Done
  • Three New Windows Installed  Done
  • Electric Furnace/Air Conditioner installed  Done
  • New toilet installed .Done



Our Current funding:: $18,000 loan from our founder  at 0% interest for 1 year.


                    This is what it looked like BEFORE we started work on it. 


SOLD!!! $ 1,000 down, buyer assumed back taxes. 


House payment $386 per month. 



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